How HIIT Can Help You Stay Fit?


You might have heard of HIIT, at least randomly. But chances are there that you are yet to take it seriously.

HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training. ‘High-Intensity’ means that there is very little, if any, downtime built-in. The workout comprises interval training, and that means that exercises are done in short bursts. It is one of the most effective ways to exercise and can be done anywhere without any equipment. A typical HIIT workout is a combination of cardio and strength training.

HIIT Workout Types

You get a lot from any HIIT workout. It can deliver more than what a traditional cardio workout gives.

It includes—burning fat, elevating your heart rate, pushing you to sweat, and improving lung capacity—in very less time, making it especially useful for those of us who find it difficult to spend all day in the gym.

The following are the list of HIIT workouts:

#1 Hand-Release Push-Ups

Lift your hands off the ground for a second in a standard push-up position.

#2 Plyo Push-Ups

Give a big push off the floor and lift your hands off the ground before landing back in a push-up position.

#3 Russian Twists

Twist from side to side while sitting with your heels touching the floor.

#4 Single-Leg Burpees

Place your hands on the floor directly in front of your feet after lowering your body to a squat. Then jump your feet back with only one foot touching the floor.

#5 Supermans with Lateral Raises

Lift your legs and arms off the floor while lying on your stomach. And let your arms reach straight in front of you.

#6 Lateral Lunges with Hops

 Keep your right leg straight and step your left leg out to your side for a lateral lunge. Then, bring your left leg up to a 90-degree angle and hop on your right leg.

#7 Tuck-Ups

Lie on your back with arms straight over your head. Then crunch your legs into your chest as you lift your back off the floor.

#8 Mountain Climbers

Start in a high plank position putting your shoulders over your wrists. Drive each knee into your chest one at a time as if you are running.

#9 Plank Jacks

Keep hip and feet wide apart in a low plank position. Then hop your feet out wider than hip-width, and then hop back to the starting position.

#10 Squat Thrusts

Drop hands to the floor and kick feet back while standing. Then, hop your feet back to the center and return to the standing position.

#11 Plank-Ups

Start in a high plank position, placing your right elbow under your right shoulder, then left elbow under your left shoulder.

#12 Flutter Kicks

Lie on your back with your hands behind your head, holding your head and shoulders up off the floor. Then bring one leg into the air while the other hovers parallel to the ground keeping your legs long and straight.

#13 Star Jumps

Stand with your feet together. Then jump off the ground bringing your arms and legs out so that your body forms a star-shape.

Key Health Benefits of HIIT Classes

HIIT has gained immense popularity, mainly due to its effectiveness as a perfect workout and the health benefits it entails. The training bears the potential to transform your health towards the positive side completely. You will find yourself as a completely different person after you undergo the training.

So, let us look at the potential health benefits of HIIT workouts:

Burns Calories

Studies show that HIIT burns 25-30% more calories than other forms of exercise. It helps to burn a lot of calories in a short duration of time.

High Metabolic Rate

As the workout is intense, it raises your metabolism for hours after the workout. So, you will be able to burn more calories even after you finish exercising.

Reduces Fat

HIIT is an effective workout for burning fat. It results in similar fat loss as that in traditional endurance exercise.

Muscle Gain

The rigorous workout puts all your muscles to work, helping you to gain muscle.

Increases Oxygen Consumption

HIIT produces the same effect as that of endurance training. So, your breathing rate increases, and so the Oxygen consumption rises. 

Reduces Heart Rate

Research has shown that HIIT reduces heart rate and lowers blood pressure.

Lowers Blood Sugar

Studies have shown that HIIT reduces blood sugar.


You will get many benefits from HIIT training to improve your overall health well-being. But make sure you choose the best HIIT classes in Fort Worth.


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