How Kickboxing Workout Brings Out a Better Version of You

Kickboxing Workout Benefits - Infographic

Kickboxing, as the name suggests, is a combination of kicking and punching. It is primarily a martial art.

It is a fantastic combination of Karate, Muay Thai and Western Boxing that aptly mixes the powerful karate kicks and the strong boxing punches.

Apart from being a martial art, it can also be considered as a fitness or sporting activity.

Kickboxing Types

Kickboxing has many types. The major categories are:

American Kickboxing: Participants cannot kick below the waist of the opponent

Muay Thai: Usage of elbows to attack the opponent is prominent

Adithada (Indian Style kickboxing): Participants strike the opponent with knee, elbow, and forehead

Cardio Kickboxing (exercise-based): Involves cardio-based exercises to keep fit

Lethwei (Burmese Kickboxing): Participants can use any limb or body part to attack at any part of the opponent’s body

Pradal Serey (Khmer “Cambodian” Kickboxing): As in Muay Thai, participants uses elbows to attack their opponent

Gwon-Gyokdo (Korean kickboxing): A combination of Tae Kwon Do and Muay Thai

Japanese Kickboxing: Analogous to Muay Thai

Savate (French Kickboxing): Participants can put on shoes and can land deadly kicks on the opponent

Sanshou/Sanda (Chinese Kickboxing): Physical grabbing of opponents is allowed through which participants can land the opponent on their back

What are the benefits associated with Kickboxing?

Empowering you to defend yourself is not the sole benefit that kickboxing entails. It unleashes a myriad of benefits that are directed towards your physical as well as mental well-being. The associated benefits are:

Tone Your Entire Body

The rigorous activities involved in kickboxing helps your body to burn more and more fat to tone up your entire body

Learn Self-Defense

Kickboxing, by nature, is a martial art. So, by practicing it, you will learn how to defend yourself.

Burn Calories

Your body, undergoing intense movements during the training sessions, burn more and more calories.

Relieve Stress

Kickboxing involves repeated punches, and that helps to release endorphins in the body. You will see a reduction in your stress levels.

Improve Endurance

With the repeated rigorous movements during training sessions, you will see your endurance improving.

Muscle Strength and Balance

The repeated kicking and punching help you to build muscle strength. And studies show that kickboxing can help in reactive and anticipatory balance.

Confidence and Self-Esteem

Kickboxing training involves a sequence of accomplishments. And that will help you to improve your confidence and self-esteem.

Better Sleep

The intense movements associated with kickboxing training helps your body to undergo heavy exercises. It allows you to sleep better, even if you are with sleep disorders.

Improved Mental Health

During the training sessions, you need to respond to kicks and punches. So, your brain learns to act fast and retain things in memory better.

Strengthens Your Core

You engage your entire body when you kick or punch during the kickboxing classes. So, your whole body strengthens as a result.

Improves Coordination

Kickboxing involves putting your mind and body into action. As a result, your mind and body coordination will improve.

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