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The hectic modern lifestyle has led to various health issues, and even those who wish to live a healthy lifestyle find themselves time-crunched. Whether its a run, a body-crunching workout or cardio, one generally needs to spend an hour or two at the gym to get the results they desire. However, that is no longer the case, thanks to High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), which can give you fantastic workout results in very little time.

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HIIT is popularized for being the seven-minute workout that alternates between high-intensity energy-focused workouts coupled with medium to low-intensity exercises to help you get great results in very little time. The Tapout HIIT sequence is a combination of high-intensity activities, with sporadic moments of rest and recovery. The chains can be repeated to create a HIIT class of about 20-30 minutes, which will leave you sweating and burning heaps of calories. Don’t go just by the looks of it, as HIIT has significant benefits and is used even by athletes, marathon runners, and sports personalities to include a burst of adrenaline rush in their exercise.

Unlock The Benefits Of HIIT Classes

The Tapout HIIT program is extremely useful for those who want to do a killer workout in a short amount of time, and it is one of the best forms of cardiovascular exercises. Be it fitness freaks or those who are just starting, HIIT workouts have a surprising range of benefits:

Helps You Push Your Limits

Do you enjoy challenging yourself and pushing yourself to do more? If yes, a HIIT workout is a great way to build stamina as the high-intensity training will push your physical fitness. Once you get used to it, there are simple ways to increase the toughness and get more out of the workout, making your workouts fun and challenging!

Improves Overall Health

The HIIT workout is not just challenging; it has an amazing impact on your overall health. High-intensity training has shown to reverse signs of cellular aging and helps to fight the signs of aging by combating muscle degradation. Not just that, health research shows significant improvements in muscle control, balance, and overall well being after undertaking HIIT classes.

Builds Strength & Endurance

The Tapout HIIT workout is great for your heart and cardiovascular activity, as it helps to push your heart rate and oxygen consumption. It has shown to increase the body’s VO2 MAX, and this helps to build overall stamina and the ability to workout. After just a few classes, you will start noticing the improvement in your health.

Improves Blood Circulation & Overall Blood Flow

Tapout HIIT workouts showcase a notable difference in those who have type 2 diabetes, blood pressure, and other issues within a few hours of exercising. This is because the drill helps manage glucose levels and pushes the body to improve blood flow and blood vessel dilation.

A HIIT Workout Can Be Done Without Equipment

If machines and devices are not your things, or if you have been advised not to lift weights by a medical practitioner, HIIT workout is the most fantastic way to substitute the benefits of strength training. HIIT routines do use treadmills, but they can be replaced with simple high intensive exercises to make it a complete no equipment workout. This also makes it a fun group activity as opposed to working out alone.

Builds More Muscle & Maintains Muscle Mass

The most amazing benefits of a HIIT workout is its ability to burn calories, lose fats, and produce muscle building anabolic hormones, which help to develop lean muscles. HIIT workouts are a great way to build and maintain muscle mass, and the results will leave you surprised.

Keep Burning Fats Even When You Are Resting

Most workouts are great to burn fat when you are training, but HIIT keeps burning fat even when you have stopped training. Surprised?

Thanks to Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC), HIIT workouts help to boost your metabolism and burn up 50% more fat than a regular workout, even in steady-state. The resting period between the exercises and post-workout has a significant effect on your body, and this helps stay active and fit longer, making even your non-workout time productive.

High Intensity Interval Training For All Ages

High-intensity workouts are perfect for burning fat and weight loss, all in a short duration of time. If you are looking for a high-energy workout regime that peaks your fitness and will challenge you to get more done, the HIIT program in our Tapout Fitness center in Fort Worth is the way to go. Our high-intensity workouts are suited for people of all age groups and focus on full-body no-equipment exercises that help you achieve your fitness goals. Get the Tapout difference with the HIIT cardio and training that combine killer moves in one routine!

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HIIT training is all about personalized exercises that are ideal for you. Want to explore the benefits of HIIT workouts and try one out for yourself? If so, give us a call at 682-224-5304 and speak with our Fort Worth HIIT training experts to schedule your free introductory class today!