Self-Defense Classes in Downtown Fort Worth

Tapout Fitness has an amazing fitness & self-defense training program, structured for men and women of all ages. It will help to empower them with solid defense skills so that they can confidently deal with any attack and take care of themselves.

We have an expert team of professional trainers to help you to master all of the essential self-defense techniques. Blending the core areas of discipline and determination associated with the traditional martial arts with the high energy of interval training, cardio, and weights, our best-in-class master coaches will help you to deal with any sudden attacks. At the same tie, they will instill a strong confidence in you.

Self Defense Training in Fort Worth

Discover the Benefits of Self Defense Training

Our self-defense training is not only about defending yourself, but it is also about boosting your self-confidence mentally and physically. At the same time, you will reap a host of other benefits, such as:

  • Body control and balance
  • Developing self-discipline
  • Improving physical conditioning
  • Developing awareness
  • A series of revolutionary signature fitness classes like Tapout Fit, Tapout Strike, Tapout Strong, etc. for strength training.


What Techniques Do We Teach?

We provide the most effective self-defense training in Downtown Fort Worth. Our training will empower you with impactful techniques to respond to an attack you might face unexpectedly. We teach you the following techniques in our innovative self-defense course:

Elbow Strikes

Strikes with your elbows can be a powerful as well as a lethal form of self-defense. You can strike any part of your attacker’s body with your elbow. Acting much like a punch, elbow strikes can inflict pain on your attacker’s body.

Fist Strikes

Although fist strikes, or closed hand strikes, are considered as the least of useful strikes, we will teach you how to use your fists to be powerful tools in self defense.

Knee Strikes

Knee strikes can be a very powerful close-range self-defense technique. Striking your attacker with your knee can quickly disable them. Our skilled coaches will help you to master a variety of knee strikes.

Throat Punch

Punching the throat is a very important self-defense method as the throat is a sensitive part of a human body. You can do severe damage to your attacker with a powerful throat punch, and our coaches will teach you the proper way to execute this technique.

Nose Strike

A nose strike is one of the most effective techniques to use if an attacker is right in front of you. Our professional trainers will teach you the most effective ways of striking the nose of your attacker to disable them.

Ear Strike

Striking the ear of your attacker with your palm can disorient them, but it is tough for you to master this skill without proper training. Our professional trainers will teach you the most impactful ways of striking the ear of your attacker.

Many More

Apart from these, we teach you a lot of other self-defense techniques, such as sidekicks, groin kicks, and more.

Women’s Self Defense

We firmly believe that every woman should undergo self-defense training as they are the most vulnerable to attacks. We help women defend and take care of themselves with our specially designed women’s self-defense classes.


Why is Tapout Fitness the Best Choice?

Tapout Fitness provides state-of-the-art facilities and world-class professional trainers to transform into an expert in self-defense techniques. Additionally, we also conduct defense workshops. To help you to get the first-hand information about us, we will also conduct a free class for you.

Joining us, you will get many physical as well as mental benefits so that you can start working towards a healthier and more active lifestyle. Our expert trainers will guide you through every step in your journey at Tapout Fitness.


Learn More About Our Self-Defense Training

Since you are keen on learning self-defense, wasting time figuring out where to undergo the training makes no sense at all. Come straightway to Tapout Fitness Fort Worth to transform yourself into a master in self-defense, undergoing our best-in-class training.

Visit us and speak with our staff members and coaches about how we can equip you with real self-defense skills to help you to stay safe in today’s environment. We will readily offer you a free class so that you can get first-hand information about us, and at the same time, you will also get to know why we are the best.


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