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Are you looking for a high-energy, result-oriented workout routine, that will help you build muscles, lose fat, and improve your fitness levels? Weight training has long been recommended as the ideal way to build and maintain muscle strength that is necessary to stay fit and strong. Explore how the world-class weight training at Tapout Fort Worth can help you achieve your fitness goals!

Weight Training in Fort Worth

Why Choose Tapout’s Weight Training Class?

The Harvard Men’s Health Watch notes that after the age of 30, most adults begin to lose 3%-5% of their muscle mass, mainly because they aren’t as fit as they were during their younger days. Losing muscle can lead to multiple problems, like:

  1. Physical weakness
  2. Lethargy and constant lack of energy
  3. Difficulty maintaining healthy body weight or unhealthy weight loss
  4. Lower metabolism as active tissues begin to burn more calories than fat
  5. Increased risk of fractures due to lower bone strength

Tapout Weight Training includes the overall health benefits of strength training and lifting weight, helping you:

  1. Improve the overall balance in adults as they grow older
  2. Increase muscle strength that helps to improve insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance
  3. Increase muscle mass that helps not just to boost metabolism but also improves the immune system


A High Caliber Studio

Most strength training studios may have a standard program for everyone, but Tapout Fitness approaches it differently. Our weight training courses combine the best of a full-body workout, weightlifting, and resistance training, to provide a well-structured and personalized program. We have designed some unique fitness classes like ‘Tapout Strong,’ ‘Tapout Fit,’ ‘Tapout 20’ for improving your strength and stamina.

This weight training program helps you get phenomenal benefits, like:

You’ll Burn More Body Fat

Weightlifting and whole muscle-focused exercises are known to benefit those who wish to lose fat and sculpt particular areas of their body. The combination of a full-body workout with muscle-focused exercises has proven to be more efficient in helping you lose body fat than a regular full-body non-weight fitness regime. Weight training has also proven to help make your cardio workouts a lot more productive, as it helps you gain the strength to do more!

It doesn’t stop there! Building muscle helps to burn fat all day long, and not just while you are working out. Weights increase your lean body mass, which helps to improve the overall calorie burn throughout the day.

You’ll Burn More Calories

While lifting weights may seem mundane, it requires a lot more strength and effort, helping you burn more calories than a simple run or cardio class. Adults who lift weights tend to consume a lot more calories, even if they are doing heavier weights with fewer reps. The excursion of weight lifting has a direct effect on your resting metabolic rate, and helps you gain more energy and strength over time, helping you burn a lot more calories!

You’ll Get The Sculpted Look

More than just bulking up your muscles, the right combination of strength training is fantastic for giving you that sculpted look, as your muscles will become more defined. As you increase the weight, your strength increases and adds more endurance too!

You Strengthen Your Bones

Stronger muscles are suitable not just for maintaining your ideal weight and form, but also help increase muscle fibers, and train your bones in the process. Research has shown that lifting heavy weights over time maintains muscle mass and strengthens the bones to be a lot stronger and denser.

You’ll Become More Flexible

Unlike the regular workouts, strength-training is not just all muscle and gain. It’s even known to provide your body added flexibility. Combined with stretching and proper rest, weight training can improve flexibility just as well as any other typical stretching regimen. The myth that weights make your body stiff and rigid is a long-standing one. But a full range of exercises combined with a proper cooldown will get your body to evolve as you grow more energetic and help you get flexible too.

You Can Boost Immunity & Overall Health

Lifting weights is good as it works on particular areas of your body depending on the exercise and helps your body gain strength. Not just that, strength training is known to help people with heart ailments by lowering blood pressure and boosting immunity. It gets you a lean, toned body while also getting you the strength and confidence to boost your fitness regime.


Get The Tapout Difference

From a head-turning body to incredible strength, you’re guaranteed to enjoy our weight training program. Our weight training classes focus on addictive, results-driven workout combinations, that use modern equipment and weight machines that help enhance fitness levels and increase muscle strength. So gear up to get in phenomenal shape, and have fun while doing it!


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